Designed for our environment

Our Eco-friendly design approach

When considering any new communication or production project, every responsible design team is in the unique position of being able to first consider its impact on our environment before any physical work is carried out.

With this in mind, Hart Wilcox review each of our design solutions prior to production to ensure we have thoroughly explored how the 3 R’s can improve our approach to supporting a greener future.


We are actively:

  • Reducing exhibition structural components where possible to avoid any unnecessary manufacturing processes or excessive transportation of equipment.
  • Reducing, where possible the use of any unsustainable materials to create any display components.
  • Reducing the use of energy by specifying energy efficient lighting and technical solutions.
  • Reducing the need for excessive travel by utilising technology to facilitate day-to-day design and production meetings and by working with our International partner network, to support us when building and delivering overseas events.


Hart Wilcox are actively:

  • Reusing more than 76% of all exhibition components we produce. More than 60% of all event display structures we create are made from modular systems, and where custom exhibits are produced, we strive to ensure as many elements as possible can be reconfigured for future use.
  • Reusing more than 25% of all graphic materials produced. By paying particular attention and consideration to the content of all graphic elements, in most cases we are able to limit the printing of large banners and panels to branding and high level generic messaging. This gives a high reusability factor and saves significant costs.


At Hart Wilcox we are actively:

  • Recycling approximately 70% of all materials and manufactured components we produce and use. By working in association with our waste management partner, all items which are no longer suitable for display use are carefully sorted and sent away to appropriate recycling plants.
  • Wherever possible, we create all display components from materials with high recyclability in mind. In particular, using our preferred modular display system it is possible to recycle the entire stand at ‘end of life’.
  • In addition, we are experimenting with the use of biodegradable products as an alternative means for producing traditional graphic panels and banners.