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Best practice for the events industry

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) is the trade body which represents companies that conceive, create, develop, manage, market, sponsor, supply or service trade exhibitions and consumer events.

Members of the organisation follow strict codes of conduct ensuring they operate their business in an ethical and efficient manner, in full accordance with the standards of the British Exhibition Industry.

Members undertake not to commit any act which is likely to bring the associated into disrepute. The associated recommends to its members the use of its conditions of contract, which are regularly up-dated to conform to legislation and changing conditions.

ESSA members must carry adequate insurance for public liability.

Client Peace of Mind

As well as having the reassurance of working with a regulated reputable event company, one of the many benefits of appointing ESSA members to handle exhibition work is the ‘ESSA Bond’ which guarantees work in the crucial build up period to a show in the event of a member being taken into liquidation. Any contract falling within the scope of the Bond cover would be completed with the assistance of the Association and its other members.

In practice, if an ESSA Bond member employed by an exhibitor (the Client) went into liquidation and work was outstanding, ESSA would either appoint another member to meet the terms of the contract, or reimburse the client for completion of any works they contracted to.

The ESSA guarantee applies to all work done in the United Kingdom and covers the period of seven days prior to the Exhibition build-up through to the Exhibition itself.

The ESSA Bond is underwritten by a major Insurance Company. The guarantee is subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.