Hart Wilcox

Experiential Marketing

Whatever the channel or format of your message, our experiential design team have the skills and expertise to manage every step of the creative process.

From design to realisation our in house studio are on hand to support you with your specific needs from conceptual identification through to technical specification.

Our strategic objective is to ensure each design project we deliver establishes a sense of rapport between you and your target audience – making your brand, products and ideas more desirable with each encounter.
For over 25 years we have been creating outstanding interactive exhibition experiences. Our purpose is to transform conventional exhibitions & meetings into meaningful engagements.

Through design to realisation, we help our clients to truly connect with their customers, turning their unique brand stories in to fully immersive experiences.

Whether you are looking for a one-off custom design or something modular that can be used again, our dedicated team will work with you to advise the best way to energise and engage with your audience.
At Hart Wilcox we recognise that effective face-to-face communications rely on more than just the disciplines of design and audio visual technologies.

So whilst imagination and innovation form the building blocks of a Hart Wilcox production, we never lose sight of our clients’ fundamental event objectives.

With each event our aim is to ensure that you are provided with the right platform to tell your story in an engaging and immersive manner – helping you to truly create a memorable experience.
If you have a story to tell, we have the ability to tell it for you, with our in house video production team set up to create dynamic visual content.

The creation of compelling content that effectively communicates your brand and message is the driving force behind our work.

So whether you are looking for animation or live action, our focus is to continually understand the latest trends to offer you the most dynamic way to communicate.
From the creation of a simple corporate presentation to the development of a fully virtual environment, our digital design team are on hand to bring your message to life.

At Hart Wilcox we endeavour to explore and engage with the latest technology to bring new dimensions to all of our clients’ digital communications.

Our objective is to continually test the boundaries of possibility to ensure we are able to offer you the most effective solution to your needs and ultimately bring your brand story to life as an engaging experience.